Voice Off Knoxville

Compete for your chance to WIN $1,000
plus a professional 5 EP Recording session (40 hours) with The groove House Recording Studio
valued at $5,000, prizes from Bud Light and much much more!

Sunday Nights | 7pm
12 Week Competition just like "The Voice" on TV

Hosted by DJ Stan "Duh" Man

Sign Up:
Must be 18+
May be a solo or duet
Can NOT be signed to a record deal
Must be able to commit to at least 5 Sundays (we do our best to work with scheduling conflicts)

Contestant Rules:
This is not a Karaoke Contest! Contestants will NOT get the words while performing!

Blind Auditions:
Sunday, February 18th & 25th and March 4th and 11th

Auditions Each Night:
4 Judges. 1 Judges' chair must turn in order to move on
If more than one chair turns, contestant will chose which judge's team to be on
Blind Audition song may NOT exceed 2.30 minutes.
You must provide instrumental track by MP3 Email ahead of time. (May include backup vocals)

*Second Chance Auditions: Due to limited spots, contestants will only be permitted to audition twice through Blind Auditions. If they are not chosen the first audition and wish to audition again thy will choose one of the last two nights.

Battle Round and Beyond Songs will be full length but not exceed 3:30 minutes.

Battle Round:
Sunday, March 18th and 25th and April 8th

Contestants will split into 4 groups (by team)
2 contestants from each team will perform the same song (separatley) Judges pick the song contestants will sing.
Judges will decide which contestant moves on to the next round.
Judges may steal a released contestant from another team.
Each Judge has a chance to steal 3 contestants total.

Knockout Round:
Sunday, April 15th and 22nd: Two Time Slots 6pm and 8:30pm

Contestants from each team will perform 1 song.
Audience Votes will decide who moves on and who goes home.
Audience vote consist of a paper ballot passed out after the last contestant sings per time slot. 1 per person. Audience must choose the top 3. If less than 3 are chosen, then, ballot does not count. Must be 8+ years old to vote.
Top 4 move on
Judges may save 1 contestant per time slot
Facebook vote may save 1 contestant per time slot. This will be done by a Poll of Wild Wing Cafe Knoxville's Facebook Page.

Semi Finals
Sunday, April 29th and May 6th

24 People - 2 weeks
12 People each night. Top 4 move on from audience vote, then rest go to Facebook to get into the final. (Total of 5 from each night will move on)
Contestants perform 2 songs (one uptempo and one ballad)
Audience Vote and Online Poll (for bottom 4) Decides who moves on.
Winners from online poll will not be announced until the following week.

Sunday, May 20th

Contestants perform 2 songs. Winner determined by 75% audience vote and 25% Judges Votes.


Email: [email protected]
Include your first and last name, age, photo and phone number
***Songs cannot exceed 2:30 Minutes during Blind Audition!

For more information visit our Facebook page!

Participating Locations

Knoxville - Farragut, TN