Jimmy Mowery and The New High

Jimmy Mowery and The New High

Jimmy Mowery Bio:

This all started when my mom bought me my first guitar for my 13th birthday. I stopped focusing on organized sports and started focusing on what I knew would be my career. I put together my first band when I was 15 called Past Curfew. We self recorded an 8 song EP on a cassette recorder from Walmart and sold them at shows. They of course sounded terrible but, that was the start of my song writing. Like most bands in high school, things didn’t work out.

During my senior year, I started a band called Dropout High. Later on we changed it to Like A Movie because Richard Reines, owner of Drive Thru Records, suggested we come up with a better name. While Drive Thru was interested, we had already signed a contract with Audioshock Records. They helped us release our debut EP “Say It Again” and got us on to the Lucky Artist Booking roster. Previously we were self booking our own tours mostly on the east coast,but Lucky Artist put together a tour from California back to Pennsylvania. During all of this touring, we were writing for our full length album. We had roughly 40 songs ready to pick from, but Audioshock kept “putting things on hold”. Unfortunately, after about 18 months of being told the same story, the band decided to break up, because we weren’t sure how to get out of the contract without losing all of our music.

Shortly after, the same label was flying me back and forth to Nashville to work with other songwriters so I could pursue a solo career. At the time I wasn’t really into the idea. I wanted to start another band. I parted ways with Audioshock, and got together with some friends from another band. We quickly put together 5 songs, recorded an EP “Sleep Through Tomorrow”, and finally decided to call the band Wake The Coast. We played a handful of shows, but couldn’t get things off the ground because all of the members were scattered between PA and OH.

This is when I decided that a solo career might be my best option. At one point, I self booked my own tour from Pennsylvania to Texas and back in my ’99 Nissan Sentra. I came back broke so I decided to play regionally for a while. In August of 2011, I decided to move to Myrtle Beach, SC with my girlfriend. Since moving here, I’ve been playing 200+ shows a year around South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. I released my debut EP “Jimmy Mowery EP” on October 9th, 2012, and just released my new EP “The Chase” on May 27th, 2014. 14 years later, I’m still chasing the dream…

The New High is a pop/rock cover band from the Myrtle Beach area. They are lead by Jimmy Mowery as front man, lead vocalist and guitarist. Joining him are Jeff Wendle (bass/voc), Joey Howard (keys, guitar, voc), and Jeremy Davis (drums/voc).  

Currently, you can watch, vote for and cheer on Jimmy Mowery as he competes on The Voice! Check out his blind audition below!