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Official Statement - Wild Wing Cafe

November 19, 2015

Official Wild Wing Cafe Statement - Statesboro, GA

updated: November 20th, 2015

Charleston, SC - Recently, a Georgia Southern University student posted a comment on her Facebook Page in response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. While she was exercising her right to freedom of speech, her comments were perceived by some as threats. This student is employed on a part-time basis at the Statesboro, GA Wild Wing Cafe.

The Statesboro, GA Wild Wing Cafe restaurant is a privately held franchise location. Franchisees manage all aspects of employee relations independently.  It was reported on social media that her employment was terminated. The ownership team in Statesboro, GA made the following statement in response to those reports:

The team at Wild Wing Cafe-Statesboro would like to express our appreciation for your feedback and concern for one of our employees. As we are sure you all understand, you cannot believe everything you hear on social media. While all personnel matters must remain confidential, we believe this situation calls for clarification. We would like to personally assure you Emily Faz has not been terminated. As we said yesterday, our establishment supports each citizen’s First Amendment right. It is also our unconditional responsibility and number one priority to provide a safe environment for all of our team members and we will continue to do so. We hope you can understand this is a sensitive personnel matter and please trust we are handling with absolute care.

We will remain in contact with the owners of the Statesboro, GA restaurant as they work through this situation. This franchise group cares deeply for their employees, their guests, and the community in which they work and live. We are confident that they will continue to manage the situation in a positive, professional manner, keeping the best interests of everyone involved in mind.

Wild Wing Cafe is a place where all people can come together to enjoy great food and make lasting memories, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious beliefs, age or gender.

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