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Official Wild Wing Cafe Statement

September 06, 2016

UPDATE September 6th, 2016: 


Thank you for clicking this link and allowing us the opportunity to respond to your comments regarding a customer complaint at our North Charleston location in 2013. Unfortunately, a misleading news article posted shortly after a customer's complaint went viral on social media has understandably upset you, and we'd like to address this so you can be better informed of what happened after this incident.

A guest and 24 of his friends and family did come to Wild Wing Cafe for dinner. Upon asking for a table at the host stand, they were informed there was a wait, as that particular night was very busy and it would take some time to free up enough tables to accommodate their large party.  One member of this party did contact our guest relations shortly after their visit.

Unfortunately, how that incident was handled, or not handled, can no longer be made clear, as all Wild Wing employees involved in this incident,  including top tier management at the Corporate Home Office, are no longer with the company.

We are certain however, that this complaint was not handled as it should have been, as management was not made aware of any incident having occurred until a member of the party’s post on social media went viral. We deeply regret this, and have apologized to each of members of this party during extensive conversations that followed, as part of a full investigation into the matter.

While we know that we failed regarding our reaction time to this complaint then, we are happy that we came to a resolution with our guests. We've also used this unfortunate situation to improve our guest relations process, and ensure that there is an open line of communication between our guests and Wild Wing Cafe at all times.

We understand how upset this situation has made you. We, too, are just as upset, not only that racial discrimination and injustice still occurs, making this false story all more believable, but also to be labeled something we are so vehemently against. We take responsibility for allowing a poor guest relations program to imply that we are anything otherwise.

Unfortunately, no matter how strongly we may try to make our point or what personal experience our guests have received, there will still be some that believe the discrimination alleged in the situation is accurate and somehow a reflection of Wild Wing Cafe’s way doing business. It is not. All we can do is relate the story truthfully.

Wild Wing Cafe has always and will always be very proud to be a place that supports and brings our communities together, where everyone can enjoy hot wings, cold beer and good times, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, age or gender. We thank you for allowing us to share our perspective, and hope that rather than continuing to share misinformation and falsehoods, we can instead continue to work towards bringing our communities closer, together.

July 2nd, 2015: 

Wild Wing Cafe wants to reassure our loyal following that we are fully aware of the conversations on our social media pages surrounding our North Charleston location.  In light of recent events in Charleston and around the state of South Carolina, a story from two years ago incorrectly alleging that a party of customers was denied service because of their race resurfaced on the Wild Wing Cafe social media pages.

At the time of the original story, the company’s ownership group (led by one of its African American members), along with management and a third party investigator who also happens to be African American, fully investigated all sides of the matter.   The investigation determined that the incident was a shortcoming in addressing a customer complaint in a timely manner.  We have apologized and have since revised and rectified our process of handling guest complaints so that we can address them as soon as possible.  Additionally, we worked directly with those affected to resolve the misunderstanding to the full satisfaction of everyone.  Some recent social media posts regarding this two-year-old complaint wrongly characterize Wild Wing Cafe, our values as an organization, as people, and our culture.  That’s not who we are.

Our ownership group, home office team, and restaurant staff represent the diversity of our region and our country.  We are especially proud of this as America prepares to celebrate the fourth of July. The diversity of our guests, employees, and ownership group are part of what makes Wild Wing Cafe a special place and has allowed us to be part of this community for over 25 years (thank you for your continued loyalty and support).  Wild Wing Cafe is a place where all people come together to enjoy great food and make lasting memories, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, age or gender.  

In light of recent events, let us come together to ensure that we continue conversations that improve our community. Again, we want to reiterate that our company, its leadership, restaurant management and culture do not tolerate any kind of discrimination.  Our doors are and will remain open to all.  We hope to see you soon.

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